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Are your salesman ready for the next step?

Need to hire a sales team? Need to refresh your current sales team? Not sure where or how to find new prospects? Are you a Sales Manager or a Sales Rookie? Are you growing fast but have no sales structure in place? Here at Randolph Sterling, we offer you solutions to these challenges and more working as an extension of your sales team.

Here’s how we can help you!

We are NOT just appointment setters or a telemarketing firm. Our team develops relationships and becomes truly a resource to our clients by being the sales arm in charge of finding new business. We find missed opportunities for our clients and increase your profits, and you can be assured we have professionals who will represent you well. We don’t just find people for our clients to talk to…we find them the right clients.


Shaking Hands FPO


By offering outsourced sales solutions to emerging growth companies, we help clients just like you develop and implement strategic sales processes that result in increased revenue. Whether it’s managing a sales team, setting up or supporting inside sales, or building a prospect list, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs or Click Here to learn more.


Closing the Deal By Rich Burghgraef

Whether you are a rookie or a veteran salesperson, the immediate challenge is to make your numbers, especially in today’s volatile economy. Closing the Deal is about the Burghgraef four-step sales process which is designed to meet and exceed your sales goals and fatten your wallet at the same time.

  • Change your mind and attitude about prospecting
  • Create 10 persuasive presentations that can be adapted to any prospect or client
  • Be a partner with your customer’s business
  • Know when to close

Re-energize your personal selling skills with this simple and practical book which challenges you to be the best. Closing the Deal: Hot Sales Strategies That Make Money is just what you need to make the numbers – big time!


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  Sunday August 23, 2009, New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox:  At the top of the lineup, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter steps up to the plate.  Red Sox starting pitcher Josh Beckett hurls his first pitch in the strike zone and Jeter takes it over the right field fence.  First pitch of the game, [...]


So, what is your business strategy? You do have a strategy, right?

Can your business succeed without a business strategy?

I wouldn’t suggest running your business without some kind of strategy or plan. Just going from one tactic to another, testing the waters to see what might work probably isn’t the best routine for a successful business. This is more like standing in the middle of a forest, walking a few steps in one direction, only seeing more trees and switching to another direction. You may eventually get out, but how do you get where you wanted to go?